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The Gambling Professor

9715 W Broward Blvd #193

Plantation, FL 33324

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(954) 470-1858

Hi , thanks for stopping by ..

Many of you have seen my how to win and Craps and blackjack videos .

True , they are very strong. But if you truly want to earn a living in the casino , I strongly urge you to contact me at 954-470-1858... I do not accept texts ..

Please note , my website has been out there longer than al, of my competitors ...

I receive over forty calls and emails every day … 35 of them are time wasters who have no friends and don't really want to learn.

I charge a nominal fee of 500.00 and I will teach you methods on the Crap table that take away the fifty fifty and put multiple odds in your favor over multiple levels does not matter if you cannot spell Craps , I will teach you .. I've taught hundreds and hundreds of students from truck drivers to doctors.

You cannot gamble w 200.00. Your better off going to the Red Cross, at least they will give you a pin. I gamble for my students all over the country ...and I travel a lot People send me an airplane ticket and a hotel reservation and I gamble for them or their group.

I do phone lessons .. I send you a random roll of the dice program And a method suited for your bankroll..we simulate conditions .. You keep score its that simple ! Not to be obnoxious , but I am a great teacher !!!

Now here is your guarantee ... During the lesson , if my method doesn't work every time, there is no charge.  

Ok if you are serious , please contact me.. Sessions run sixty to ninety minutes ..and everything is by appointment only. Hope to hear from you soon . I will change your gambling life ,


The professor