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Stop Losing At Casinos!

Stop the guesswork - become a method gambler,

take the gamble out of gambling.

With me, you don’t need good luck to win, you need bad luck to lose.  

I show you ahead of time what oddball sequence of events must occur for you to lose. Forget 50/50 or 51/49,  There is a book that shows 14 days at the crap table, every roll, every decision.  I use this book as my bible.

I teach craps and black jack. You don’t need to know anything about craps or black jack to be successful. Just let me teach you. I can show you, if you have patience, scenarios that only lose once every 72 hours. If you want to learn, you came to the right place. I’m the professor, the only person to ever run a  school in Las Vegas that teaches how to win in the casinos. Concierges were taught my methods and referred business. I have taught teachers, priests, doctors and cab drivers, I can teach you.

I will teach you how to win. The rules are simple, if my methods don’t work every time during the lesson, don’t pay me; the lesson is free. Just don’t argue with me. I know some of you have a negative frame of reference. Please, I don’t need to hear that your cousin lost his kid’s college fund, I’ve heard it all before.

Just clear your mind and I’ll show you formulas that you never dreamed of, like having 4 to 1 odds in your favor, on 4 rolls in a row. I can verify how often these methods fail by referencing the `14 Days at the Craps Table’ book  found at the Gambler’s General Store in Las Vegas.  

Please note: When we gamble, we do it as a business and we expect to earn most of the time.

When you go to your stock broker, do you say, “Irving, please, only lose me $5,000?” Of course not! So why, when you walk into a casino, do you come in with that mindset? I’m only going to lose $5,000...

Winning is for lucky people. We earn our money. When I am in valet parking, I already know what I am going to earn!

To earn you need:

  1. Bankroll
  2. Method
  3. Goal
  4. Discipline


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We ended up doing three sessions while I was on my trip there and each time we won right around $1,000 each time.

Also got our lunch and dinner comp’ed after taking money from the casino. (What could be better?)

I found Al to be an awesome teacher and a person with very high integrity 

Matt - Phoenix, AZ



I  met  the  professor in Vegas and the professor made me a method gambler.

I take  his formula to the craps  table and  can make  a days pay.  You don’t need a lucky streak to win. You need very bad luck to lose.

Curtis Newman

South Beach, FL




I am a math expert who has invented and designed games like what you can see on

I went one on one with the professor and he made a believer out  of  me. His teaching style is amazing... I think my 4 year old daughter could do this.

I give the professor a big thumbs up.

Zoran Pavlovic

Los Angeles, CA


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